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How to pick the best smartwatch online?

  • Do not purchase a smartwatch without ensuring that watch is workable with your smartphone. For instance, Apple Watches only work with iPhones. Google’s Wear OS platform and Samsung’s Tizen watches will work with both Android phones and iPhones, but with fewer features than if you use them with Android devices.
  • Pick a watch with a heart rate sensor to monitor heart beat and blood pressure if you’re going for fitness.
  • Pay attention to rated battery life when shopping. Hybrid smartwatches that look more like analog timepieces tend to have the longest battery life, but they don’t have touchscreens.
 Some watches can last for 1 month at standby mode but some will only last for 1 week.
  • Always check the watch band’s clasp or buckle is easy to use and easy to swap. Also make sure that it’s easy for you to find replacement bands.
  • The selection of apps is a factor, but it’s not as important as compatibility, design and other features.
Watch or read the demonstration video clips or specifications carefully to understand further
  • Only buy from the suppliers/sellers with good after sales service and technical support. Best to have 1 year warranty. Not to fall into trap of irresponsible suppliers who only want to make money (can refer to customer reviews).


What is a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is an extension of the phone. The idea is that you can prioritize your incoming notices and know when to shift your attention. Say you’re at dinner and you feel a vibration in your pocket. Instead of automatically pulling your phone out of your pocket, you can instead tilt your wrist and see whether it’s your boss calling or a newsletter from a store you visited once a year and a half ago. A smartwatch lets you decide which incoming information warrants your attention without pulling out your phone.

Besides notifying you of what your smartphone is doing, smartwatches things are also thorough health trackers. There are some models equipped with optical heart-rate monitors and accelerometers. Some watches even have GPS which can also walk you through each stage of a workout with minimal interruption, something even a basic fitness tracker isn’t designed to do. The downside is that even high-stamina smartwatches won’t last through the night.


Evolution of the Smartwatches

Wearable devices are revolutionizing the way we are connected to the internet. From fitness trackers to Google Glass, wearable devices allow us to stay connected to our social networking sites, email accounts, calendars, and lifestyle managers by simply looking at our wrists or through a lens. There is hardly a time we are not connected to the internet in some way. Of all the wearable devices, the smartwatch is potentially the most popular, and it certainly has the most extensive background. Smartwatches combine the classic design and operation of a watch with the modern convenience of a smartphone, all in a small functional screen on your wrist.


Buy Smartwatch Online

Why buying Smartwatch from Thegenoutlet?

Buyer Protection :

  • Full Refund if you don’t receive your order – You will get a full refund if your order does not arrive within the delivery time promised by the seller.
  • Full or Partial Refund, if the item is not as described – If your item is significantly different from the seller’s product description, you can A: Return it and get a full refund, or B: Get a partial refund and keep the item
  • Fast Delivery – deliver to your door step within 5 working days
  • Warranty – we provide 1 year warranty for all our watches
  • Technical support – we provide on-phone technical support up to 30-day

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